Ambient Mechanics is the name I use in relation to the music I compose & produce.  These works usually take the form of simple “ambient orchestral electronica”..a bit of a mouthful, I know..but it’s the best descriptor for the music I produce.

In the past I used to interchange my “real” name with the Ambient Mechanics moniker as a matter of course, but it somehow never felt right..basically, because I think music should speak for itself, regardless of who makes it.  I know we live in a world that thrives on image and marketing, just like I know some think distancing my real identity from my music is professional suicide, but I figure my music is more important and doesn’t need my persona in the way.

That’s why Ambient Mechanics is now some faceless guy who makes ambient music that, hopefully, people like and love.  As for the music..well, not everyone will like it, that’s for sure.  You might be thinking right about now, “Why won’t they like it?”  The answer is simple and complex at the same time..

When I compose / write / produce/ create a piece of music, I’m trying to capture and express something of the beauty and wonder in life, as well as the other darker emotions that lurk in the heart of humanity.  I guess some people find this off-putting or they simply can’t or don’t relate to the music I make, which I totally understand.  Not everyone likes their music on the “slow side of things” and many simply just don’t have the time or patience needed to actively listen to my style of music, which means it will more than likely fail miserably to impress such good folk..and that’s OK, too.

In this day and age, certain things once taken for granted and accepted by many are now either forgotten, outright rejected, or viewed as being out-of-date notions and concepts with no place in this world.  I make no apology for the fact I subscribe to some such beliefs, which are deep-rooted in me and help define who I am as a person..and consequently influence the music I create.  I’m sure I don’t need to say anymore than I already have, other than to add that if you’re a like-mined soul, then you’ll hear it in my music.

After all, I trust my music to touch the hearts and minds of those who can really hear it..and only you know if you’re one of those people or not.  If you do like my music, then please tell others about it.  And if you really like it, then hopefully you’ll be moved enough to consider helping me continue doing this by buying a CD or digital download.  Trust me when I tell you it will be really appreciated if you do.

Finally, if you’re still reading this, then you have my sincere thanks for sticking with this right to the end.  I hope you’re one of those who enjoys my music and that you’ll continue to do so for a long time to come, or for as long as life allows me to be creative.

Thanks for visiting and reading and all the best to both you and yours.

Ambient Mechanics