Musical Process

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Equation for a wavelength of a sinusoidal waveform (sine wave) traveling at a constant speed.

What is my “Musical Process”?

To be honest, and at the risk of sounding pretentious, I’d have to say it’s one very much based on inspiration & intuition first and foremost.  Every project I’ve ever undertaken started with a “feeling” that usually follows seeing or hearing something in the world around me..though sometimes, a thought alone is enough to spark off the production process for me.  I don’t always have a clear and concise mental understanding or concept of how the project will turn out in the end..and pieces often twist and turn down the road to completion, but they’re always guided by that initial “feeling”.

Alternatively, there are times when I work to a known outcome..such as if somebody requires a piece in a certain style or genre..or when structural guidelines are imposed from the start.  In other words, there are times when I have to “create to order” with a given piece of music.  Usually though, I compose, produce, mix and arrange in a bubble of creative freedom..and I find this works best for me.

A track usually starts with me sourcing “certain sounds” for the piece in question.  This is because I always try to encapsulate or capture the essence of that certain “feeling” or “emotion” in the music I produce and the sounds I use are very important to this end.

Once I have the sounds, either found or created, I move on to the actual composition of the piece, which usually begins with the melody played on keys over a very simple and basic deep drone background. Once I’ve that done, it’s just a case of building up the body of the piece..always with that feeling in mind.

Some people tend to “mix first” and “master after”, but I tend to do both simultaneously..fine-tuning things until the track is finished.  Then, even though I’ve mastered the piece myself, I’ll sometimes send it off to be mastered professionally by a mastering engineer.  Others might dispute the value or importance of doing things this way, but I believe composing/producing music and the mastering process require very different skills.  Besides, it’s always good to get a “fresh” pair of ears to go over your work.

Everything I do is “in the box”, which means I only use software programs and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) “plugin” instruments, with the exception of a midi keyboard controller to compose, as I actually play / record in real time.

In short, the above is a basic insight into how I do things.